What Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress for a Wedding - Styling Tips

What Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress for a Wedding - Styling Tips

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with your navy dress for a wedding is a bit like picking the perfect cuppa: it has to feel just right. Whether you're a guest or part of the bridal party, finding shoes that complete your look is essential. But with so many styles and colours to consider, it can be tricky to know where to start. Don’t worry, though; I’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore the top shoe choices to elevate your style game, whether you're aiming for timeless elegance, playful flair, or somewhere in between. So, put the kettle on, settle in, and let’s get you stepping out in style!

Considerations When Choosing Shoes For a Navy Dress

When picking shoes for a navy dress at a wedding, think about the dress code: formal events call for elegant stilettos, while casual ones suit comfy block heels or wedges. Also, consider the venue—indoor lets you wear delicate heels, while outdoor venues need sturdy shoes for support. Lastly, choose shoes that fit your personal style, whether that's classic or bold.

Dress Code:

Wedding invites can sometimes be as mysterious as a Sherlock Holmes plot, but understanding the dress code is crucial. Is the event a swanky black-tie affair, a relaxed garden do, or something in between? For more formal ceremonies, opt for elegant heels that ooze sophistication, like classic stilettos or sleek pumps. For a laid-back vibe, think comfy block heels or wedges that let you dance the night away.

Venue & Terrain:

Consider where you’ll be spending most of your time. If the wedding’s at a posh hotel or historic manor, strut your stuff in delicate strappy heels or peep-toes. But if it’s an outdoor bash in a charming meadow or on the beach, sturdier options like wedges or block heels are your best mates, keeping you steady on the grass or sand.

What Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress for a Wedding: Shoe Styles to Consider

The style of shoe you choose plays a crucial role in enhancing your look, offering different levels of comfort, formality, and flair. Whether you prefer heels that make a statement or something more practical to dance all night, there’s a style for every occasion. Here are some key shoe types to consider for pairing with your navy dress:

Strappy Sandals:

Perfect for warmer seasons, these shoes are delicate yet stylish, showcasing your feet with elegant straps while keeping things airy and comfortable.

Classic Pumps:

These timeless beauties work well year-round, offering a clean and versatile look that complements the sophistication of a navy dress, whether you're at a formal or semi-formal event.

Peep-Toe Heels:

Blending style and comfort, peep-toes give a playful twist to the classic heel, offering a chic option for warmer weather or indoor venues.

Block Heels or Wedges:

Ideal for outdoor weddings, block heels and wedges provide stability without sacrificing style. They’re a great choice if you plan to be on your feet for most of the day!

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Classic Shoe Color Options For Navy Dress

When it comes to pairing shoes with a navy dress, classic colour options are often a safe and stylish bet. They offer versatility and can effortlessly complement your dress without overshadowing it. Here’s a quick guide to some timeless hues that can elevate your look:

Neutral shoe colour:

Neutral shoes provide a versatile and understated complement to your navy dress, offering a seamless and elongating effect.

Beige/Nude Shoes:

Beige or nude shades offer a soft contrast to the deep hue of a navy dress. These neutral tones blend seamlessly, helping to elongate your legs while keeping the dress as the main focus.

Light Gray:

Light gray tones are ideal if you're after glamour and cool sophistication. They provide a chic complement to navy, adding a hint of sparkle while maintaining a refined and modern appearance.

Taupe/Light Brown Shoes:

Taupe or light brown shoes add a warm and natural contrast that brings out the richness of navy. They’re perfect for outdoor weddings or those who want a subtle yet earthy vibe.

Cream/Ivory Shoes:

Cream or ivory shoes have an ethereal and romantic look, creating a delicate contrast with the navy. They’re particularly striking in peep-toe styles or strappy sandals, adding a graceful touch to your outfit.

Metallic (Silver/Gold):

Metallic shoes add a hint of shimmer and sophistication, offering a radiant accent to your navy dress.


Silver shoes offer a cool and contemporary complement to a navy dress. Their crisp, polished look adds glamour and sophistication, making them perfect for formal evening weddings. Silver strappy sandals or classic pumps provide a dazzling touch that seamlessly matches statement jewellery or accessories.


Gold shoes radiate warmth and luxury. They create a vintage-inspired contrast with navy, offering a lavish glow ideal for both daytime and evening events. Opt for gold heels, mules, or flats to add a rich and elegant sparkle.

Rose Gold:

Rose gold, with its subtle blush hue, brings a soft yet dazzling contrast to navy. It combines the best of gold and pink for a romantic and modern vibe. Peep-toe heels or strappy sandals in rose gold can add a delicate touch that’s both trendy and timeless.


Bronze is a unique metallic shade that blends earthy tones with a glimmering finish. It pairs beautifully with navy, offering a sophisticated contrast that's perfect for autumn weddings. Block heels or wedges in bronze provide a stable yet fashionable option.


Pewter is a darker, more subdued metallic shade that adds a refined elegance to any navy dress. Its understated shimmer is perfect if you prefer a sophisticated look without overpowering the dress. Choose pewter pumps or sandals for an effortlessly chic appeal.


Copper shoes bring a warm and bold contrast to navy, offering a rustic yet luxurious vibe. They’re a great choice for adding a vintage flair to your ensemble. Flats or slingbacks in copper will give your outfit a unique and eye-catching twist.

Colorful Shoes

If you're feeling adventurous and want to make a statement, colorful shoes can be the perfect addition to your navy dress. Bold hues bring a playful, modern touch that elevates your look while showing off your unique style. Here are some vibrant shades to consider:

Bright Red:

Red heels or flats add an eye-catching pop of color that stands out against navy. This combination exudes confidence and charm, making it perfect for weddings where you want to add some drama.

Coral or Pink:

Coral and pink shoes inject a fun and feminine vibe into your outfit. These shades are especially lovely for spring and summer weddings, bringing a fresh, lively contrast to navy.

Emerald Green:

Emerald green shoes provide a lush, rich contrast that brings a sophisticated yet vibrant energy. They pair beautifully with navy for an ensemble that's striking yet harmonious.

Cobalt Blue:

Cobalt blue shoes complement the deep hue of a navy dress while adding a monochromatic twist. It’s a bold choice that ensures your shoes don’t blend in too much but still maintain a cohesive look.

Yellow or Mustard:

Yellow or mustard shoes offer a cheerful and bright contrast, perfect for outdoor weddings. This sunny color adds a playful and unexpected twist to your outfit.


Black shoes are the epitome of classic elegance and sophistication. They're particularly well-suited for formal or evening weddings, providing a striking contrast to the navy.

Tips for Selecting Shoe Colors to Enhance Your Outfit

Match Formality: For formal occasions, opt for classic shades like black or metallics that offer an elegant contrast.

Consider the Season: Pastels and brights work well in spring and summer, while earthy tones are ideal for autumn and winter.

Balance Boldness: If your dress is simple, choose vibrant shoe colors for a striking pop; if the dress is bold, stick to neutrals.

Harmonize Accessories: Coordinate shoe color with your accessories or jewelry to create a cohesive look.

Complement Skin Tone: Choose shades that complement your skin tone to create a seamless, elongating effect.


Can I wear flats or low heels with a navy dress to a wedding?

Absolutely! Flats and low heels can be elegant and comfortable options for weddings, particularly if you'll be on your feet all day. Opt for embellished ballet flats, chic mules, or sleek kitten heels in metallics or nudes for a polished look that complements the navy dress while providing stability and ease.

Are patterned shoes suitable to wear with a navy dress at a wedding?

Yes, patterned shoes can add a unique twist to your outfit. Consider subtle designs like floral prints, polka dots, or geometric patterns in complementary colors like silver, gold, or pastels. Make sure the pattern isn't too overwhelming, allowing it to accent the navy dress without clashing with the overall wedding aesthetic.


Choosing the perfect shoes for a navy dress at a wedding doesn't have to be daunting. From classic neutrals to bold pops of color, the right pair can elevate your outfit and reflect your unique style. Whether you prefer timeless elegance, playful patterns, or shimmering metallics, the key is to pick what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Step into your next wedding ready to turn heads!

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